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2nd IBISBA Webinar on Protein Engineering and Biocatalysis

Thu, Mar 26, 2020 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM GMT

This second course is about Protein Engineering and Biocatalysis and will be focused on 4 main topics:

How computational protein design help to predict sequences for new and improved functions
How their catalytic activity can be measured through high-throughput enzyme screening
How engineered proteins/enzymes can be produced at large scale using eukaryotic microbes
How enzymes can be used in

Start Date: 26th Mar 2020

End Date: 26th Mar 2020

Event Website:

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IBISBA 1.0 First Webinar Series

How to accelerate your research or technology and get subsidised access to top research infrastructure

The first webinar out of a series of four will illustrate:

1) What IBISBA 1.0 is
2) How you can gain Transnational Access to this Pan-European Research Infrastructure for Industrial Biotechnology
3) How to create metabolic models at genomic scale and develop Synthetic Biology tools

This is the agenda:

Start Date: 12th Sep 2019

End Date: 12th Sep 2019

Event Website:

Country: Not specified

City: Not specified

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