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The IbisbaHub is a data and knowledge asset inventory set up in the framework of the H2020 (INFRAIA) ibisba 1.0 project. This publically-funded project aims to build support services for translational research in the field of industrial biotechnology. The IbisbaHub is the project's web-based resource for sharing its various assets (including protocols, research outcomes, processes etc). IbisbaHub will preserve associations between the assets and associate the assets with information about the people and organizations involved

User consent

It is assumed that users agree to the collection and use of any information that they register at the IbisbaHub. Users have the right to review, and request amendment or deletion of the personal information registered on the IbisbaHub. To exert this right, users should address an email to info@ibisba.eu.

Upon request, details about personal information held on IbisbaHub will be supplied within one month. Refusal to provide information will occur only in the case of unjustified circumstances (e.g. an elevated number of requests from a single user is received).

The nature and purpose of use

Personal data will be used to complete registered assets. Personal data will only be used if users supply it. It is assumed that users supplying data to the IbisbaHub have implicitly given permission for its use. Therefore, explicit consent will not be sought after by the IbisbaHub administrators. Personal data will only be used to describe/complete assets that are generated within the framework of the ibisba 1.0 project. However, external users wishing to register assets and associated personal data can do so, providing that they accept the Privacy Policy described herein. No personal data will be transferred to third parties, unless explicit written permission is obtained from the data owner.

Data registered on the IbisbaHub

Data registered on the IbisbaHub will include (list not exhaustive):

Links to other sites

The IbisbaHub may contain links to other sites and registered assets will be available for harvesting by other databases. In this case, the IbisbaHub administrators are not responsible for the Privacy Policy of third party sites and database servers.

Visual content

Any pictures or other visual content used on the IbisbaHub belongs to the IbisbaHub administrator or an ibisba 1.0 project partner. Credits for each content will be given

Who is the Data Controller

The project's Excom is the governance body for the moment. However, as he coordinating organization, INRA will act on behalf of the Excom

Service provider

INRA is the service provider

Organization website URL


Jurisdiction of the organization

INRA is an EPST (Etablissement Public à caractère Scientifique et Technologique). Any disputes will settled by an appropriate French court.

Administrational contact person.

The project coordinator Michael O'Donohue

Technical contact

Alan Williams, University of Manchester, UK

Security contact

Alan Williams, University of Manchester, UK

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The IBISBA 1.0 project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program INFRAIA-02 under grant agreement 730976.