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IBISBA offers access to best-in-class facilities and know-how. Clients from academia, SMEs and big industry can find tailored solutions for their R&D needs.

Using a H2020 funding framework, IBISBA currently offers limited opportunities to researchers to obtain subsidised access to IBISBA specialised research structures and facilities, including contribution to user's travel and subsistence costs. Open Calls are launched regularly, inviting researchers from all sectors (academia and industry)

Projects: Development Project, TRANSCRIPTPROM - Integrative and comparative analyses of response of Pichia pastoris, FLOX: FLavin-containing OXidoreductases, PlanOvac, HIGHFLUX, SporeDel, Yeast Glycerol, Galambr, SULFOCEL, Muconic Acid Production, An inventory of the Aspergillus niger secretome by combining in silico predictions with shotgun proteomics data, Promoters 4 Pichia

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The overarching aim of IBISBA 1.0 is to support and accelerate the uptake of industrial biotechnology as a key enabling
technology for advanced manufacturing. To do this, IBISBA 1.0 will provide a distributed network of research infrastructure
facilities to promote R&D in bioprocess development and support this bioeconomy KET. The facilities cover a variety of
experimental and in silico operations and disciplines, and together represent the R&D continuum in the range TRL2 to 6
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The IBISBA 1.0 project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program INFRAIA-02 under grant agreement 730976.