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This reprot describes achievements so far regarding the construction of IBISBA, a European distributed initiative that aims to provide a world-class infrastructure, enabling cutting-edge research and supporting the development of biotechnology towards a circular economy.

The report was prepared as a support docuement for the 1st Steering Committee meeting that took place online on the 17th June 2021. The document reports progress and provides some indications of next steps in the conception and ...

This DMP relates to the IBISBA 1.0 project

This document constitutes deliverable 4.4 of the IBISBA 1.0 project. IBISBA 1.0 receives funding from the EU H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730976.

Creators: Michael O'Donohue, Julieta Cabello; Laurie Rey; Olivier Rolland

Submitter: Michael O'Donohue

DOI: 10.34701/ibisba.1.document.32.1

A vision paper describing the founding principles behind IBISBA

Addressing a gap in European industrial biotechnology, IBISBA’s mission is to provide world-class cutting-edge research infrastructure services enabling the development of industrial biotechnology as a technological cornerstone of the circular bioeconomy. In this regard, IBISBA aims to contribute to the delivery of Europe’s ambition to be the first climate neutral continent in 2050. To fulfil its mission, IBISBA is building an interoperable network involving some of Europe’s most significant, ...

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