Genetic Design (BASIC Assembly)
Version 1

Workflow Type: Galaxy

Design plasmids encoding predicted pathways by using the BASIC assembly method.


ID Name Description Type
DNA-Bot settings DNA-Bot settings n/a
  • File?
Enzyme taxon IDs Enzyme taxon IDs Comma separated values
  • string?
Host taxon ID Host taxon ID n/a
  • int?
Linkers and user parts Linkers and user parts n/a
  • File
Pathway (SBML) Pathway (SBML) n/a
  • File


ID Name Description
5 Selenzyme Performs enzyme selection from a reaction query.
6 BasicDesign Extracts enzyme IDs from rpSBML files.
7 DNA-Bot DNA assembly using BASIC on OpenTrons.


ID Name Description Type
_anonymous_output_3 _anonymous_output_3 n/a
  • File
Uniprot IDs Uniprot IDs n/a
  • File
_anonymous_output_4 _anonymous_output_4 n/a
  • File
_anonymous_output_5 _anonymous_output_5 n/a
  • File
_anonymous_output_6 _anonymous_output_6 n/a
  • File
_anonymous_output_7 _anonymous_output_7 n/a
  • File
_anonymous_output_8 _anonymous_output_8 n/a
  • File

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