D7.1: A library of workflows and workflow nodes
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The main goal of the workpackage (WP7) is to investigate state-of-the-art IT infrastructure needed for multi-partner, multi-site, multi-component industrial biotechnology projects. The workpackage has four objectives and the deliverable is linked to the first.

  • To use portable computational workflows to combine multiple computational resources and automate analytics using a state of the art workflow interoperability language to ensure generality across workflow management systems.

  • To coordinate workflows with manual steps using programmatically encoded “Business Process Modelling” protocols. These BPM workflows are higher-level systematic descriptions of protocols and produce auditable provenance of the results of their execution.

  • To use rich metadata to describe and retain a common, related view of the components of a project: workflows, data, models, SOPs, samples, people etc. This work is done in collaboration with WP Network.

  • To provide an online repository and portal for storing, sharing and launching workflows, linked with related data and models, organised using the de-facto ISA standard (Investigation, Studies, Assays/Analysis) structure.

The nodes and workflows we are developing are to be used to execute and monitor the Design-Build-Test processes of WP6. There are essentially two types of nodes: computational for the Design step and the analysis of data acquired in the Test step, and experimental for the Build and Test steps. These steps conform to Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) and are executed through human intervention by the infrastructure partners of IBISBA.

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