Project positions

Uncurated Protocols Library (Administration) ; TRANSCRIPTPROM - Integrative and comparative analyses of response of Pichia pastoris (Administration) ; FLOX: FLavin-containing OXidoreductases (Administration) ; PlanOvac (Administration) ; Muconic Acid Production (Administration) ; HIGHFLUX (Administration) ; Promoters 4 Pichia (Administration) ; An inventory of the Aspergillus niger secretome by combining in silico predictions with shotgun proteomics data (Administration) ; Template library (Administration) ; Evocolour - The evolution and genetics of Flavobacteria forming structurally coloured colonies for sustainable biomaterials (Administration) ; Extreme - Genomic approach for extremozymes screening of thermophilic/anaerobic Caldicoprobacter algerensis strain (Administration) ; HMOzyme (Administration) ; PILOT-MP - Pilot scale process development for microbial proteins (Administration) ; UMB - Upscaling and optimisation of microalgae production for bivalves hatchery (Administration) ; Public announcements and documents (Administration) ; IBISBA Library (Administration) ; Biocare (Administration) ; MEOX (Administration) ; Coculture (Administration) ; YarroFuels (Administration) ; PlasticPutida (Administration) ; Lipro-alga (Administration) ; Curated Protocols Library (Administration) ; IBISBA 1.0 deliverables (UNIMAN - The University of Manchester) ; PREP-IBISBA deliverables (UNIMAN - The University of Manchester) ; Cyanofcs (Administration) ; Example testing project (UNIMAN - The University of Manchester)

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