D7.3 IBISBAHub workflow repository and portal
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The IBISBAHub is a shared space for recording, accessing and sharing data and assets of the IBISBA project. IBISBAHub is a customised and extended installation of the FAIRDOM SEEK asset management platform

The IBISBAHub provides an online portal with

● Self-managed project space for organising, sharing and disseminating assets arising from multi-partner collaborations, such as the TNA’s as well as project events

● Complement local data management or provide data management resources if local resources are absent

● Store and register standardised protocols, computational workflows and data format templates

● Rich standards-based metadata describes and interrelates different asset types: samples, organisms, models, protocols, data and documents

● Integration with third party tools such as modelling tools (e.g. JWS Online), metadata capture tools (e.g. Rightfield) and development repositories (e.g. GitHub)

● A reporting resource for IBISBA to the EU and to the ESFRI

The IBISBAHub is described in the IBISBA Handbook6 (see below)

IBISBAHub supports an OpenAPI and JSONAPI conformant interface that supports secured programmatic access for other tools.

SEEK ID: https://ibisbahub.eu/documents/36?version=1

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DOI: 10.34701/ibisba.1.document.36.1

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Admin, I. B. I. S. B. A. (2022). D7.3 IBISBAHub workflow repository and portal. IBISBA. https://doi.org/10.34701/IBISBA.1.DOCUMENT.36.1

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